Tales from Inisa: Week 5/departure

MondayLast Day at PHCWe didn’t do much. Spent just an hour there before returning. Bon Fire PrepWe had to fetch firewood wood. It was scattered in different places all over the compound. Some persons carried few but machos like me carried a lot, even went on multiple trips😌. TuesdayOn weekdays we do devotion with theContinue reading “Tales from Inisa: Week 5/departure”

Tales from Inisa: Weeks 3 and 4

Black Out If you reside in Nigeria, you’d be fully aware that rainfall🌧️ and power supply are at odds.It was Monday night. The downpour was so heavy. Suddenly, there was black out🌑. Water had entered into the mechano generator (a kind of big generator). Damage was intense, we needed engineers from the university to comeContinue reading “Tales from Inisa: Weeks 3 and 4”

Tales from Inisa: Weeks 1 and 2

As final year medical students in Nigeria, we do rural posting in community medicine where we get to live among indigenes of a community, work at primary health centres and basically learn medicine from the grassroots. For my school, we go to Inisa, a village in Osun state. Duration of stay is 5 weeks. WeContinue reading “Tales from Inisa: Weeks 1 and 2”

Millennium Fellowship

Sooooo you may or may not be wondering what Millennium Fellowship is about. Either ways, I’ll tell you. It’s a program organised by United Nations Academic Impact and Millennium Campus Network which runs on different campuses worldwide. It runs for a semester (average of 4 months).Basically, a person or team of persons choose a projectContinue reading “Millennium Fellowship”

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