Airtime scam

Back in 2014/2015 buying airtime from your bank account using phones wasn’t common like we have today.

That period I just met a staff Mr X at the teaching hospital where I received treatment ( I took ill that period). He worked at the lab so he carried out my tests. We exchanged numbers.

So this Saturday a strange number called. My brain already interpreted it was Mr X calling. First thing the person said_
“I’m really stranded here please I need your help.”
“Is this Mr X?” I asked.
“Yes nau, don’t you remember? Please send me MTN credit.”

If I remember well I think he said he was travelling, the car broke down he needs to call someone (he gave one very dumb story).
Naive me went to buy credit from someone selling in the hostel (we had people selling that time).
I sent.
He called back it’s not enough.
I sent more.

Las las I sent #4,400- all the cash I had on me that day. He legit needed more but money had finished.
This guy said he would send me back the money when he gets home or so.

Some days later, I saw Mr X and was like “you’ve not sent me the money.”
He was shocked that which money😂. I weak. I explained that he called blah blah…
Apparently, he wasn’t the person but he assured me he would just refund me, lori iro (na lie)
I didn’t know what to believe. Why did that call come about the time I met Mr X?

I tried calling the imposter later, he never picked or it didn’t go through.
I was pained. Money na money.
I’ve heard of scammers but didn’t think it would happen to me. I felt so stupid to fall into that trap. I could say I was young that’s why but no one is above being scammed honestly.

Once bitten, twice shy so if any number calls, I confirm the name from them first abeg.

Have you gotten scammed before?

Till next time.
Penned by Gracelyn❤


The people around us, places we go, things we see do have influence on us either positive or negative.

From the relationship of Samson with Delilah, he lost his strength.

Dinah went to see the daughters of the land, she was defiled.

Amnon’s friend advised him to feign sickness then he raped Tamar his sister.

We see many more as we study Scriptures.


When Joseph saw his father placing his right hand on Ephraim’s head he was displeased; so he took hold of his father’s hand to move it from Ephraim to Mannaseh’s head. Joseph said to him, “No, my father this one is the firstborn; put your right hand on his head.” But his father refused and said, “I know, my son, I know. He too will become a people and he too will become great. Nevertheless, his younger brother will be greater than he, and his descendants will become a group of nations.”
Gen 48v 17-19 NIV

Ephraim means doubly fruitful.
Ephraim was blessed- him and his descendants- even more than his brother. This blessing was confirmed. But life is governed by principles.

Ephraim mixes with the nations; Ephraim is a flat cake not turned over. Foreigners sap his strength but he does not realise it. His hair is sprinkled with grey but he does not notice.
Hoses 7v 8-9 NIV

Ephraim mixes with the nations.
As children of God we should have healthy boundaries. Everybody is not a close paddy, everywhere is not “go-able,”everything is not doable. When we begin to drift from God it’s a gradual process. Can be as little as skipping prayer time, not studying the Word. In times like this we don’t even feel like we’re drifting.

Foreigners sap his strength but he does not realise.
This way we cannot know how the enemy gains control little by little. We begin to lose our peace. Our once lovable walk with God becomes tiring.

His hair is sprinkled with grey but he does not notice.
Just like some elderly people who have grey hair on their head it didn’t appear overnight, it was gradually. Then one day they notice boom its all over the hair.

It’s not easy to be in a place where people around do not share your belief or value system.
This is where we should know what we stand for and why. Also, as believers we have the advantage of the Holy Spirit who we can depend on knowing our limitations as humans.

When Ephraim spoke, men trembled; he was exalted in Israel. But he became guilty of Baal worship and died
Hoses 13v1
Ephraim started well. He was suppose to be great till the end, he had the blessing upon his life but along the line, he began to worship idols and died that way.
Let it not be that after we have preached to others, bringing souls to the kingdom of God we miss eternity with Christ.

Let’s take cue from Ephraim.
Even if we have an anointing on us, it is left for us to guard and jealously protect it. Else, we become the source of our downfall.

God will help us.

Penned by Gracelyn❤

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Tales from Inisa: Week 5/departure

Last Day at PHC
We didn’t do much. Spent just an hour there before returning.

Bon Fire Prep
We had to fetch firewood wood. It was scattered in different places all over the compound. Some persons carried few but machos like me carried a lot, even went on multiple trips😌.

On weekdays we do devotion with the staff of Adventist Medical Centre (AMC) by 7.45am before heading out for the day’s work. Tuesday was the last day for devotion as we were to leave the next day.

The first day our bus entered this compound, I noticed cassava planted somewhere. It struck me in an unusual way because it reminded me of my village, Ekpon.

When I was younger, we had cassava planted around the house so whenever I passed that route, I’m reminded of the place. It gave me a kind of longing for home( just a few times though).

Bonfire Prep (2)
The class was shared into various groups to prep the meal.
Some were to cut and fry goat and ponmo (goat/cow skin.)
Some were to peel and cut plantain, potato, yam, onion.
Some were to fry them. My team was particularly for frying potato, yam and plantain. Can you fry plantain without tasting it? Yes, I can😆 but people wanted to tempt me. I like my dodo (fried plantain) a particular way- hot, slim, not overripe(not hard either, just perfect), not fat. Thanks for listening…

Visit to the King
To thank him and the town for the hospitality during our stay.

Bonfire night
We’ve heard about bonfire in Inisa from previous sets. This time around we were doing ours.

Summary: games, food, dance, laughter, good memories.
At some point we we’re dancing round the fire😅. I showed off my steps (for someone that’s not a stepper, I dey try abeg).

Some people were getting tired. Some people didn’t want it to end. Irrespective of how we felt, Wednesday morning we were en route Babcock🚐🚍.

We stopped at Palms Mall, Ibadan to get food.

This posting was everything I expected and more. What were my expectations? Not much. I just wanted to have fun. Being a class executive I was aware there were activities to be done in this place so this could have added too. But on getting there, the activities were engaging, some mind blowing.

There was no stress at all. At least no physical stress unless someone is mentally tired or so. We leave in the morning to be back by mid day. Enough time for rest then class presentations for like 2 hours. Then you’re free till next day.
Activities end on Thursday. So a whole 3 days free.

We didn’t have to dress the conventional Babcock way.

Curfew? Lol.. Nahh. On some days, some of us played games way past midnight still shouting like it was day time.

Like Ecclesiastes says there’s a time for everything under heaven. The time to end the posting had come😦.
It was 5 weeks of fun I must say. Ohh, exam begins week 6. Wahala for who go play for 5 weeks o😅

This brings us to the end of Tales from Inisa.

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Thanks for reading.
Penned by Gracelyn❤

Tales from Inisa: Weeks 3 and 4

Black Out

If you reside in Nigeria, you’d be fully aware that rainfall🌧️ and power supply are at odds.
It was Monday night. The downpour was so heavy. Suddenly, there was black out🌑. Water had entered into the mechano generator (a kind of big generator). Damage was intense, we needed engineers from the university to come fix it.

The next few days were not funny. Flat battery here and there. Wahala for who no get power bank.
Whenever we gathered for class presentations, we used a smaller generator in the class area (this is the norm). Everyone came prepared to charge their phones and power bank. What a sight😅. No single socket was left free.
Thursday night, I had already packed my bag to go to the old hostel( a smaller generator was used there till about 11pm) when light came on. I legit shouted “Up NEPA”😁. There’s something about light💡.

World Immunisation Week

Sooo world immunisation week. It always falls in the last week of April. At first I was reluctant to give the vaccine because I thought I could do it. I’ve watched it like a hundred times.
You never really know if you can do something till you actually do it.

The way I held the needle everyone around just exclaimed that nahh. I held it the wrong way😩. The child’s mother was already antsy if I could do it (that’s the point you act bold, unafraid). But it was all good. If you’re ever in a position to apply yourself especially as a student, please do.

Orion VI Quiz
I’m in my department’s quiz committee. Although I’ve not represented the department for any competition. I believe I’m smart for school work😌 but I feel like I’m not “quiz smart” so I don’t even think about it.
This time around for the intra class quiz, it fell on me. I was all good but when the moment finally came, I became a bit nervous. Not my fault. It was the adrenaline🙃.

HOH games/ football
Head of house games. I particularly found this one amusing. Likely because I don’t watch Big Bro Naija so it was first my time seeing the game played (I was told they play it there).

For the football match⚽, we used a primary school field. There were two sets of matches that day. It was a mixed match ie both males and females together. See my ladies in action😍.

Third Sabbath

Treasure/ Scavenger Hunt
Each team had 2 reps each. Items were hidden at strategic points with clues here and here on how to get them. The way people were seriously looking for the items, running, the determination, it was a sight. It felt like Gulder Ultimate Search of those days🙂.

Sanitary Well

This is something we’ve been taught in the classroom. I mean characteristics of a sanitary well and all that. I always pictured the regular well in my head.

Didn’t know it was this. I’ve probably seen it on TV before. That stuff I’m holding you have to pull it up and down for water to flow out. It’s not for the weak o because my arms felt heavy.


There was this particular day we were at the health centre. As we dropped I saw someone sweeping. I greeted and stepped out waiting for the supposed staff to finish his work. I was shocked few minutes later when I saw the guy sweeping on the patient seat being attended to by the health worker.
I understand Africa and our respect-your-elders-culture but this…
I guess he was probably not so sick or not sick at all.

Orion VI Choir

I’m not normally in choir but I joined the choir for our church here. Omooo choristers dey try. From the learning of lyrics to staying on key to the body movement. Doing all three at once was a bit hard for me.

Our music director will be like “we’ve left the key” and I’ll be wondering how she heard because to me it’s all finee😄
Please appreciate your choristers🥺 even if they sound off key.

Orion VI Thanksgiving/ Fourth/ Last Sabbath in Inisa

Week 4 was the last sabbath at church. We had our thanksgiving.

We gave health talk in the form of a drama. I was impressed at the undiscovered talents I didn’t know we had (maybe it was only me just discovering).

Choir ministration was in 3 different languages.

Orion VI Movie Night

For someone whose favourite genre isn’t action, I’ll give the movie a high rating 💯.
Of course there was chow. What’s a movie night without refreshment🍿.

Orion VI Focus Challenge

Yea, that’s the normal focus challenge😎 trending on the internet.
Just goggle it if you’re lost.

Orion VI Birthdays

April/May celebrants were celebrated🎈. May has the highest number of birthdays in my class.

That’s it for the 3rd and 4th weeks.

Click here to view previous post on weeks 1 and 2 in Inisa.

Thanks for reading.

Penned by Gracelyn❤


Seconds before I stepped into earth

Mama laid down her life for mine

Father despised me for this

Never knew the love of my mama

Or the care of my father

Only knew one kind of love

The love of Caleb

Caleb told me severally till it became my reality

When his fist gave me bloodshot eyes

I still believed in his love

When he called me loose

I still believed in his love

When he punched the unborn seed within me to trickles of blood

I still believed in his love

Still believe in his love

Because I am loveless

Penned by Gracelyn

P.S: This is just poetry☺

Ft Giphty

Tales from Inisa: Weeks 1 and 2

As final year medical students in Nigeria, we do rural posting in community medicine where we get to live among indigenes of a community, work at primary health centres and basically learn medicine from the grassroots. For my school, we go to Inisa, a village in Osun state. Duration of stay is 5 weeks.

We were excited for the trip. From the message sent to us earlier, we were to get out luggages outside the hostels by 6 am then move by 7 am for the 4 hour journey. We were legit ready but somehow African time came in😏making us leave by 11 am.

On our way, one of the buses broke down. We waited for over an hour before the few people in that bus had to be shook into my bus making us packed like Titus sardines😅.

On arrival, we were short of cleaning supplies. Had to hustle for bucket, mop, broom and all. Then no water ehhh. Food now came late (because no water to cook). That day was tiring. But me being me, I just had to unpack and clean up even in tiredness.

That first week, we had light and water issues in my hostel. It’s a new hostel- my set is the first to launch the building.

Everyone had topics to present.
I knew I had to present a topic- Measles, knew my partner, but didn’t know the exact date. I just assumed it was the next or upper week. See how e shock me on Monday when the coordinator began to ask for those presenting. He began this way.

“Who are those presenting on Wednesday?” (that’s the day presentations were to start)

The two sets of people signified.

“Who are those presenting on Thursday the first set put their hands up.”

Then he asked for the second set. Everyone was waiting. Me too. Until I heard who are those to present Measles 😩. I was weak. Like this is not happening. Had I known mine was that early I would have started it in school (Lori iro, lies😹).

Jagun- Osi Primary Health Centre

Fast forward to Wednesday, the coordinator was not pleased at all with the first set. The second set came and raised the bar. Ahh we all knew we had to do that or better. I was actually tensed because there was the tendency of presenting again if it wasn’t well done. At the end my partner Jubril and I did well. See the joy in my heart.

Global Vision Centre Outreach
Our lecturer in school Prof Sotunsa usually does lots of medical outreaches. This time around he held this one in Inisa and Osogbo (capital of Osun state). The large crowd was expected as it’s free.

This community is a predominantly Yoruba community with more senior citizens as her population (didn’t get any statistics but I think so being a village). I had to speak Yoruba. The one I nor sabi sef I talk am. Don’t ask me how o. Me sef I dunno how. Language barrier was a big problem but I did my best. Tolu was right by my side so she helped a lot.

Global Vision Centre Outreach

At the end we were taaayyyaaadd (tired). I already knew I wasn’t coming the next day (it was for 3 days). I was even on call that same day. And I had other little things I wanted to do for myself that day. All had to be suspended.

Visit to the Olunisha of Inisa
We were welcomed at the palace. Had to prostrate the Yoruba way.

Kabiyesi oo. Oru ko mi ni… (Your Highness. My name is…)
Toluwalope (aka Abba’s girl). She began her greeting with many salutes ( I assumed she was saying praises). She wanted to raise the bar for the greeting😄

I don’t know if it was just me but all the introductions, greetings, gesticulations were amusing, some funny to me. We had to introduce ourselves individually to the Oba starting with greeting, our name and place of origin.

This particular guy Dayo shocked us the most. He has been working out so couldn’t help but do a push up instead of the casual prostrate we’re used to. Of course, we burst out in laughter.

We did this programme called “Reach Within” where we donated personal protective equipment to appreciate staff of the different primary health centres (PHC) we’re working with.

The PHCs are: PHC Jagun-Osi, PHC Kolegbaro, PHC Oke-Ayan, PHC Tumi, Adventist Medical Centre.

Location: Adventist Medical Centre

First Sabbath

We attended the Seventh Day Adventist church just opposite the compound we reside.

It’s the pose for me?😌

Methodist Elementary School Outreach

Oh our outreach! This was organised by the Orion VI graduating class (that’smy class). It was nice educating and playing with the pupils of Methodist Elementary School, Inisa.

Simi and Bisola doing their thing.
Ife Boss🙌

We gave talk on personal and menstrual hygiene, sex education, played games, dances, sang, shared gifts, edible and non edible items too. Staff and parents were not left out. We spoke on hypertension, diabetes mellitus, screened for DM, checked BP, counselling.

Braimoh and Esther ft pupils

Variety Night
Board games were on ground. Then Devil’s basket (wait🤚… it’s just a bowl that contained different questions or tasks to be done). We played normal games people do. Gist, dance, play. Oh, for one of those games I was set up. Story for another day (Maybe not. Wahala for who no dey there😂).

My dear people there’s more to this. Squeezing 2 weeks into few lines is hard work!

Second Sabbath

Thanks for stopping by.

Penned by Gracelyn❤.

Trip to Damascus

Saul already had enough of these talks! This sect was causing a nuisance to him and his people. The guts to say a mere man rose from the dead. The guts to extend salvation to the Gentiles. So what happened to the Law?

He would do anything for this God. Even eliminate all these people that claimed to follow the “Way.” 

Speaking in other tongues as if demon possessed. His zeal for God was so great he could no longer watch people alter this doctrine passed down from his forefathers. This warranted his going to get legal permission to arrest believers in Damascus. Yes, one at a time he will do this for the God he serves.

“People, I hope everything is in order?”

“Yes sir, some parchment of their sayings.”

“Sir, I have first hand experience with some of them and can narrate when needed.”

“Good riddance to this so called believers’ group,” he muttered to himself.

Damascus was a well known important city. As the men journeyed, near Damascus, a brilliant light reflected on Saul’s path. This light could not compare to any he had seen before. Not only was there light but a voice speaking directly to Saul. He wasn’t going to forget this experience in a hurry.

This was a terrifying, weird event😬.
Saul remained in Damascus.

Sometime later….

Like the Psalmist said, “Zeal for my Father’s house has consumed me.”
How his zeal became refocused.

Name changed from Saul to Paul.

Title from persecutor to persecuted.

Message moved from circumcision of flesh to circumcision of heart.

The Way he once condemned he confidently esteemed.

Acts 9

Penned by Gracelyn❤

Q1 2021: Jan, Feb, Mar

Q1 has been great. January began with everyone me inclusive excited for the new year and all it had to unfold. This time around I didn’t focus a lot on writing new year resolutions.

January/ February was all exam/ exam preparations. Thay basically took most of my time. Life of a student is not easy o. Even the brightest student in class cannot be fully prepared for an exam. Hmm how should other students now feel about that 😹.
March was my elective posting which I spoke about here .

I got to hang out with Rita an old friend from high school. Since graduation in 2014, we’ve not seen even though we stay in the same town. Well, major reason being she didn’t school in Nigeria. Minor being we’re mostly too relaxed I guess.

Rita and I

I’ve read some books. Studying medicine sometimes make you forget to do those things you love. Me being a serious student doesn’t help with this but in my last few months as an undergraduate (that sounds great😄) I’ll change😅.

Of course, I’ve spent time studying scriptures. Although sometimes I feel stuck or feel like I’m regressing with my walk with God but I choose to live life a day at a time and lean on God for daily help.

Just a glimpse of my Q1. If yours didn’t go well, maybe expectations weren’t met or you feel stuck or whatever may be the issue, it’s not over yet. Stay planted by God. Remember seasons come and go.

Thanks for reading.

Penned by Gracelyn❤

Easter: The Cross

Many times we see people perhaps ourselves wearing jewelry with the cross on it. People can make sign of the cross over their food without saying any other prayer. Anointing oil is placed on the forehead or on door posts with the sign of the cross. It’s hung at the entrance and inside churches.
The cross is seen at different instances and one thing anyone knows is that it represents Jesus Christ.

His resurrection is the basis of our Christian faith. What if he died and did not resurrect? It would have been perceived he was not God. What a shame. But we are grateful for how things turned out.

How would his family and friends have felt seeing him on that cross- hopeless. Especially they knowing he was innocent of the charges of blasphemy and stirring riots that were brought against him.

All he did was to tell us how to come to the father- through him.
We do not need a human priest to offer our prayers to God anymore, we can talk to him directly, we do not need animal sacrifices, do not need to keep all the thousands of laws to be clean.

For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.
John 1:17 NIV

We now have the spirit of God dwelling in us, we have been adopted into his family, the active wrath of God is suppressed. He went down to hell to get the keys of hell from satan so the devil has no grip on us. He wanted us to come back to the way man was at creation where God and man could freely interact.

All he wanted was our best but he was hung on that cross like a thief. A sinless man between two thieves.

I would love to share some lessons learnt about this time last year from my Easter devotional on Youversion App (2020 was the the year I understood the true significance of Easter).

🌱On hearing this, Pilate asked if the man was a Galilean. When he learned that Jesus was under Herod’s jurisdiction, he sent him to Herod, who was also in Jerusalem at that time. That day Herod and Pilate became friends—before this they had been enemies.
Luke 23:6‭-‬7‭, ‬12 NIV
Jesus can restore friendship or any relationship that is sour.

🌱At the cross we find family. Jesus told Mary his mother and John his disciple they were now mother and son. We find brethren with the same father as us.

🌱The cross brings all people together no matter their position, race etc. See the thieves, soldiers, chief priests, disciples, friends. That is why when we gather to worship, no matter how diverse we are, we can still worship because we are bound by the cross.

🌱At the cross we find forgiveness. Like Jesus asked the father to forgive those mocking him that’s how he intercedes for us to the father.

🌱At the cross we find freedom. One of the thieves asked Jesus to remember him in his kingdom and Jesus said he will remember him in paradise. He was free from whatever past he had. Same way Jesus frees us from whatever tries to hold us down when we tell it to him. And as he said it is finished we are free.

🌱At the cross we find rest. Enough of us trying to be righteous on our own by obeying the laws, animal sacrifices. When we are burdened, tired, afraid we tell it to Jesus. He is the prince of peace.

The cross is the love of Christ shown to us.
2021 and I’ll still cling to the old rugged cross✝️❤.

Happy Easter!

Till next time,
Penned by Gracelyn❤

Elective posting

I just concluded my elective posting. A posting where I get to work at any hospital of my choice for a month before returning to school. This period I’ve really felt like a working class woman🤓

With my journey to and from work, I got to understand the roads more.
You think you know road until you jump from one keke or bus all by yourself instead of sitting in the comfort of a car driven by someone familiar.

My first day, I basically walked round in circles😭. Looking for persons/ offices. Nigerians and protocols sha. Oh, show yourself to the HOD. Show yourself to the other consultant. Plus people’s direction skills again chaiii. I suffered that day sha. I asked for an office. This lady told me you’ll see an upstairs just outside. I came outside, all around me were bungalows. The nearest upstairs was a little distance away. I weak😩.
Ended up going home early to start proper the next day.

Dr V a 5th year medical student schooling in China. Their school (perhaps country) recommends a one and half year programme where they rotate through all clinical units.
Dr L, a medical officer soon to begin his NYSC.
These two are the ones I worked closely with. From day one they were friendly, ever willing to help, they guided me till I got a grip of the whole thing. Funny how on my last day the three of us walked out together.
And I’d be very wrong if I don’t mention Dr O and E. Both soon to begin their NYSC. Friendly, willing to help. Honestly every person- other doctors and nurses were nice.

I’m grateful for this experience. This time around I wasn’t viewed as a medical student neither did people around take me as such. I was the medical doctor. I did consultations (under supervision), had more patient interaction, did lots of ECG😅.

Ward rounds… some days we needed stuff but this babe did her best to deliver. Of course, I didn’t always know all but myself and superiors were satisfied.

Oh, I was gifted money on few occasions💰. No, it’s not what you imagine it to be but all the same I really did appreciate it.

I saw some of my coursemates doing their electives in other places posting nice pictures here and there. I hardly took pictures (took few selfies🤳). I was actually working, actually working hard😹. For real. Some days I returned home very tired. This babe is not acquainted with stress. On waking up in the morning, I used to be tired.I’ll just be wondering isn’t sleep suppose to refresh one?
But some days were chilled.

I used to resume early. I know I tried in that area until my last three days when the lateness increased in arithmetic progression😂. It was easy to say work they’re not paying me for let me take my time. But I feel that’s a very wrong mindset.

The other side.
Our health system is not the best. I see the efforts health workers put in but there are limitations.

🌱Like when there’s a high patient to doctor ratio, but the patients keep complaining on how they left their homes before dawn and the doctor is taking too much time.

🌱When you need to check blood pressure but just one BP apparatus is working.

🌱Like if they do not have gloves or sample bottles, samples cannot be collected because I won’t go near blood (and the likes) without having gloves on.

🌱Like when you tell someone they need to do a CT scan, then go on to prepare their minds by telling the price. Most have a troubled/ hopeless look. But how do you continue management without getting confirmation or more information from the CT scan?

🌱Like when a patient on the ward needs dialysis but much cannot be done due to financial constraint.

🌱Like patients that buy magic drugs that cure everything! I should talk more on this. You’re walking on the road and hear this drug dey cure headache, back pain, glaucoma, malaria, typhoid, etc and you no fear? Reason am nahh. If there’s a drug like that why do people still study health related courses? We should all get those drugs! Currently in Warri, there’s this particular one everywhere and persons always come down with liver disease.

Some persons were grateful when I attended to them. And I’d be wondering what did I even do?

As I was rounding up I told my consultant I was resuming school so I was stopping. He said I did really well, I tried even with my clerkings and all. He went on to praise me. My head swell oo. Things like this I want to hear. This meant a lot to me as most people have this mindset that private school students don’t know anything as they pass us,spoon feed us, blah blah. Out there, I feel there’s this need to “prove” this as false.

Medical students who may be reading this. I’d encourage you to do this if your school grants you that opportunity. It’s a whole experience on it’s own. This could add to your work experience too.

I’ve tried to squeeze my 4 weeks in this post. Of course, there’s more to this.
If you need more gist, clarifications or questions, feel free to reach out to me.

Till next time,
Penned by Gracelyn❤

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